Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Foster The People are my latest obsession. People are calling them the next MGMT type indie explosion. I would love to see that. Their album "Torches" is finally out. There are several deals going on: Best Buy version features the exclusive tracks “Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero,” and “Love.” The iTunes version features bonus track "Broken Jaw". Or you can buy the limited edition remix EP that will be bundled with Torches at Amoeba Music and other independent record stores. And don't forget Foster is giving a free show @ Amoeba tonite at 6:30pm!!!


"♫Chin Music for the Unsuspecting"

♫ Buy here from Best Buy-Torches w/bonus tracks "Love" & "Chin Music for the Unsuspecting"
♫ Buy here from itunes- Torches w/bonus track "Broken Jaw"